Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Question: "How large are the downloadable high-resolution files?

Answer: File sizes for high-resolution images:

Question: "How do I know which image to download?"

Answer: You should always consult your Sales Representative before downloading any images. They can help you navigate to the proper image that best suits your needs. For further information, please read "Download Instructions."

Question: "What if I need technical assistance?"

Answer: Contact: Images


Question: "How should I start my product search?"

Answer: It is best to always consult your Sale Representative before downloading files from this web site. Searching by ISBN will give you the quickest and most accurate results. Keep in mind that if you do "Search by Title" there are sometimes more than one format to a title (Hardcover, Trade Paperback, or Mass-Market Paperback). Be sure to select the appropriate format before downloading.

Question: "What if I can't find the image that I'm looking for?"

Answer: Contact: Images


Question: "What is the downloadable file named: "Product Descriptions"?"

Answer: Product Descriptions" is a downloadable Microsoft Word document that contains information on all Merriam-Webster products (such as descriptive text, specs, and price).

Question: "There are so many titles in the "Product Descriptions" document. How can I get help pinpointing the information I need?"

Answer: Please consult your Sales Representative if you have any questions on Merriam-Webster products. You can also find individual product information in "Product Fact Sheets."


Question: "What are the rules on using the Merriam-Webster logo?"

Answer: In a nutshell... Make sure to use the proper version of the logo, depending on background color. Make sure that the small register mark "®" appears in the lower right side of the logo. For more information: Go to the Merriam-Webster Logo download page and also "Read Terms of Use."

Question: "How do I know which Merriam-Webster logo to use?"

Answer: There are two different versions of the Merriam-Webster Logo (Read Terms of Use). One version has two red rings around the words "Merriam-Webster" and a small red register mark "®" (appearing on lower right side of logo), which should only be used on light (or white) backgrounds. The second version has only one red ring (with the outer part of the logo in white) and a white register mark "®," which should only be used on dark colored backgrounds. For more information, go to the Merriam-Webster Logo download page.

Question: "What format is the Merriam-Webster Logo in?"

Answer: The Merriam-Webster Logo is a VECTOR EPS Illustrator file (this is the preferred file format to use for print materials). A JPG image is also available to users who can't open an EPS file, however there are some problems with using this version. If you must use the JPG version, be sure that the register mark "®" is visible in the lower right side of the logo. For more information on the proper use of the Merriam-Webster Logo "Read Terms of Use." There is no low-resolution version (for Web) of the logo. Please start with the high-resolution VECTOR EPS image and optimize it for the web. If you need further assistance, please contact:


Question: "How can I find out more information about publicity materials than what is provided on this web site?"

Answer: Contact the publicity department using this form